Corin Flood

Coloured Wood Bowls by Corin Flood

I started wood turning not long after high-school, when I spent a couple of months working with a traditionally trained turner on the Whinchcombe Pottery site in the UK. The experience laid down an appreciation for the work and the life style. But life takes its own course.

After returning to Saskatoon, I started a career in studio furniture design and production, which lead to a work term in Toronto and to Sheridan College where I pursued a double major in hot glass and studio furniture. One thing lead to another and after ten years involved in both studio and commercial furniture in Toronto, I headed west, once more, and somehow spent the next 25 years involved in development management.

30 years on from that first experience with turning I finally came back to the lathe, and rediscovered the pleasure of making functional and aesthetically pleasing everyday objects.

I now work out of my backyard studio (what’s a garage for anyway) in Revelstoke and currently produce a couple of hundred bowls a year. My primary interest is producing functional bowls from local wood, mostly birch and maple, which is salvaged locally.

There’s something to be said for knowing the provenance of the objects we use, where they came from, how they were made, by who, and how they connect with community. As William Morris pointed out along time ago, everyday objects should give us pleasure as both aesthetic and functional objects.

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