Lynda Jones

Lynda Jones 8

Lynda left the hustle of Vancouver advertising and graphic art twenty seven years ago. She and her husband bought acreage in the hills above Falkland and there she pursued her other passions of animals, gardening and potting. After several pottery workshops and a brief time back in Vancouver at Emily Carr University of Art and Design she realized potting would become a passion to exceed all others.

Lynda loves to carve geometric patterns into her work and although she does functional tableware such as mugs, bowls and casseroles she is probably best known for her burnished smoke-fired pottery. For these decorative smoke-fired pieces she throws the forms on the wheel, trims and then brushes on several layers of fine silt clay, burnishing between each layer to help seal the surface and bring out the natural shine of the clay. These unglazed pots are bisque-fired for strength and then fired in an oil barrel with combustible material such as leaves, pine cones and sawdust. After the pots cool she applies a coat of paste wax and polishes the surface.

Lynda also makes a popular line of clay pendants.

Recognition has been achieved from former US President Bill Clinton who purchased two of her pieces. Her work has also been chosen for several prestigious exhibitions including the International Craft Biennale in Korea, Art of Craft Exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics and the Craft Council of BC’s 40th Anniversary Provincial Exhibition in Vancouver.

Lynda’s work is also for sale at Hambleton Galleries in Kelowna, High Country Potters Sale in Sorrento and Okanagan Potters Association Shows in Vernon and Kelowna.

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