Madeline Whittington

I make porcelain and some stoneware pots for use. I am fascinated by the infinite variations of simple, understated shapes. I like to decorate the pots with fairly precise drawings or patterns which then shift slightly or dramatically when the glaze melts. I’m intrigued by the variations which the path of the flames creates on the glazed surface. The pots are fired in a propane kiln to 1300 degrees C, incandescent heat.

I live near the Adams River. The diversity of plant and animal life here is amazing! The changing colours and patterns of the plants, water and sky are a constant source of energy for me.

I grew up in the San Francisco area. I graduated with a degree in Fine Art from UBC. In 1973 my husband and I built Ravens Bluff Pottery on a hillside above the North Shuswap.