Mud, Sweat & Tears

Pottery by Mud, Sweat and Tears

Mud Sweat & Tears is a family pottery based in Sorrento, British Columbia. Bruce and Laura have been making unique, high fired, hand thrown and hand built stoneware and porcelain pottery for 36 years. Five years ago their son Grant joined them on a full time basis adding his own line of eclectic pottery. Their daughter Marie helps out in the studio on a part time basis when she can.

Bruce works almost exclusively on the wheel, Grant works on the wheel, makes slab pots and also uses molds that the family have designed and made. Laura no longer produces work, but spends her studio time waxing and glazing. Although Bruce makes most of the glazes they are made with input from all three. Both Grant and Bruce are both involved in loading and unloading kilns. Laura takes care of the paper work involved in the business.

All the pottery produced is of their own design, and the glazes are made using non toxic materials. They have four electric kilns, a raku kiln and a 40 cubic foot gas kiln which is fired to almost 1300 degrees Celsius. Between them they use over 12 tons of clay a year. They participate in 10 shows a year, mostly around BC, but they have also participated in Art Market in Calgary every November for the last 10 years and Circle Craft in Vancouver for the last 2 years.

It is important to all the members of the family that the pottery they produce is of a very high standard, with careful attention being paid to form and function. They all hope that the pleasure they derive from making pottery shows in their work and brings equal pleasure to those who use it.

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