Rebecca Shepherd


Growing up in a creative household in Britain, Rebecca was never short of supplies or inspiration to explore her own natural creativity. However, rather than follow a traditional art education she decided to be practical instead and went to university and acquired a degree in Geology and Biology, with which she has done nothing practicalsince.

On emigrating to Canada, Rebecca started to paint seriously earning a living painting portraits and teaching art privately.

For the last few years she has become increasingly more enamoured with clay. Creating both hand built functional art and sculpture. The allure of hand built functional ware as opposed to the wheel thrown equivalent was the ability to manipulate forms in the moment with little pre planning. All Rebecca’s clay creations have a whimsical and often a anthropomorphic feel to them.

Rebecca has both paintings and sculptures in private collection around the world. She was selected for the Canadian Society of Artist National Show in 2014, and invited to show in the 2014 Dark Nights exhibition in Salmon Arm’s public art gallery. Rebecca lives in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Her work is currently showing at Gallery 421, Kelowna, British Columbia.